About Us

About us
ROBOCAT team is lead of providing hardware for visual programming language.
Withing our hardwares you  can program  your robot without typing a single character.
Robocat is an electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software.
It's intended for children making interactive projects easily.
What are we Doing 
With a mission to teach more children to learn code, ROBOCATcreate learning kits and bring it to both teachers and parents. Online tutorials and videos bring students knowledge and they can experiment soon with hardware in the kit. For the effort we do, we believe the seed of making and creating will grow inside our future generation, and one day they will change the world with what they make.
 At ROBOCAT, we believe everyone can benefit from robotics, in identifying their own challenges, solving new problems, motivating themselves to complete a project, working together, inspiring others, and giving advice and sharing with others. And increasingly we recognize there is a real hunger for the resources for both techies and newbies to make their hands dirty on robotics, thus we standout to take fully the advantages of open-source and cutting edge technologies to make this happen.